Our range of products encompasses loosely edited news feeds and customized programs for news agencies and broadcasters, streamed multimedia / text content for websites. We also provide the range of facilities for foreign and domestic channels to access our archives, which is the most comprehensive collection of news videos collected across the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir since 1982 till date.

We cover almost all areas of interest of our clients including news related with politics, International affairs, current affairs, entertainment & lifestyles, health and science, business, sports, human-interest features and social and developmental issues.

Our services includes:

  • News, Business & Current Affairs Productions.
  • Multimedia Productions.
  • Satellite Services.
  • Piece To Camera / Sim Sets.
  • I.P Broadcast Services.
  • IPTV Broadcasting with Social Media and Web interface.
  • Equipment Rental Services with top of the line camera, NLE, teleprompter etc.
  • Stock footage and Archive of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir.
  • Sales Marketing and Telemarketing Services.
  • Media Trainings and Workshops.
News Feed & Gathering

TNN with its bureaus in 7 major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan and Muzaffarabad and Stringers throughout the country including the North Western territory and Pak-Afghan border areas along with full fledge Operative bureau in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and our strategic partners in South Asia Countries. We make sure not to miss any event or news happening and deliver the multimedia news coverage at earliest. With us, client feels free and out of worries about any news happening.

It's our credibility which made the World's Largest Television News Agency Thomson Reuters associated to us for video news coverage from Pakistan exclusively since past 20 years.

Our in-house team of highly qualified and competent journalists, analysts, Producers and Technical personals are always keen to explore and conquer any task and even eager to follow news happenings and follow up's. Along with the news content services TNN expanded its services to news production keeping in front the requirement of emerging yet developing Electronic Media Industry Globally. Our International and even local client feels free and comfortable to get their product produced with us.

Studio & News Production

With our in-house team of professionals, various Pakistani and International Broadcasters feels comfortable to get their broadcasting content produced by us. Today, TNN Media Group holds the credibility of producing over 1000 episodes With the growing paradigm of the Internet and the global online industry, at an all time upsurge, animation is the trendiest and fastest growing sector worldwide. The swift evolution of technology and rise in pertinent skill and expertise has made computer animation universally available to the masses.

Today, 3D product modeling technology is used by a number of industries;- visual effects for new products, 3D rendering within engineering, building plans or vehicle designs and video or presentations.

Being a full service design firm, TNN's 3D product modeling service can also be used to design and create more realistic product models, characters, mascots and many other objects.

Our 2D animations have catered to Illustration (cartoon) Films, Home Videos, Games, Engineering demos, Websites, E-learning, etc. Our skilled teams of professionals have been developing animation projects of varied kinds for client websites through simulations, special effects and a lot more.

SNG & DSNG Rental

ASH Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd. A sister company of TNN for Satellite services, Equipped with 2 vehicle mounted DSNGs and one fly away SNG unit, we offer the best and timely solution for live feeds and reporting to our clients on as, when and where required basis.

In Malaysia TNN provides up-linking services to the local or international Media houses and broadcasters through our professional pool associates.

Our mobile uplink units are furnished with highly professional top of the line encoding machines for good audio and video quality.

Our Satellite Services Includes:

  1. DSNG/SNG Rental.

    Our Vehicle mount Ku band DSNG in Southern Part of Pakistan and Fly away unit in the North are always ready to fulfill the needs of our clients. Moreover, our global pool associates for Satellite Services are always keen to provide best services to our clients in Malaysia and Overseas.

  2. Earth Station.

    To cover the Bigger Footprints TNN offers its clients the C-Band Earth Station facility for live feeds and Studio based programs from Karachi, Pakistan. Equipped with Mpeg-2 Encoder and 4.5 meter adjustable antenna to transmit signal on every Standard C-Band Satellite frequency covers the region.

  3. Turn Around Services.

    With our pool associates we offer the satellite turnaround services to our clients which enable them reaching their content to the global audience.